Sunday, January 10, 2016

Workshop weeks

           The task for last week and this week in the mission are the workshops  we decided to have for this month’s format of specialized training.  We used this format once before and the missionaries seemed to enjoy it and benefit from it, so we are going again.
            As usual we have divided the mission into seven groups.  It is easier (for us) when we combine the Rancagua, Tupahue, Curico and Talca zones.  We have five different sessions which means small groups of missionaries in each class.  Hopefully that leads to more attention paid to each person and a better opportunity to learn.  President Warne is teaching about how to help investigators progress to baptism.  One assistant is teaching the missionaries to do a better job of using their agendas, a crucial part of missionary life.  The other is training them to improve their area books which are a record of investigators visited along with addresses, etc.  The couple over the apartments is teaching a class about cleaning which is a constant challenge.  Some missionaries just don’t like to clean!  The nurse and her husband are covering how to use basic medicines such as Tylenol and ibuprofen, antidiarrheal and  antivomiting.  They are also sharing some basic breathing relaxation techniques which could help relieve stress; always a positive thing.
            After the sessions we are serving a simple lunch of turkey/ham wraps, chips, watermelon and chocolate chip cookies.  Then everyone divides into their districts and the assistants supervise a short competition about knowledge of Preach My Gospel which all enjoy.  President provides “Superochos” as a prize for the winning district, which is a popular candy bar here in Chile.  You could ask your missionary if he or she likes them. 

            It is a good chance for us to see the missionaries, interact with them and hopefully the training will improve both their level of missionary work and their outlook on missionary life.  

Temple trip
great group, right?
Lunch after the workshops
The sisters enjoyed helping to serve
Getting ready for the game
Getting ready to answer

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