Sunday, February 28, 2016

Elder Bednar's visit to South America

            This week I’m going to write about Elder and Sister Bednar’s visit to our area, South America South.  They arrived last Friday, February 19.  That night the mission presidents and wives and stake presidents and wives from Santiago and us were invited to a light dinner and meeting.  I really appreciate the fact that they were willing to meet that night since I know how exhausted I am after traveling from the U.S.  Afterward, we had the privilege of shaking hands and were amazed that Elder Bednar remembered the circumstances of our mission call and that he had set apart President Warne.
            During this week, the Bednars traveled between Chile, Argentina and Uruguay, held at least one meeting per day and inspired thousands with their counsels and teaching.  I mean that literally, because thanks to technology, 60,000 youth were together on Tuesday night.  Wednesday morning all the missionaries in the area met in various stake and district centers for a training session and 90,000 young adults met on Wednesday night.  Thursday’s meeting was for bishoprics, branch presidencies and stake presidencies.
            Saturday morning the 27th, we participated in and enjoyed a three hour broadcast with the mission presidents and wives from our area as well as the area seventies and some of their wives.  It was incredible for us to realize we were sitting in our dining room at the mission home while we could watch Elder Bednar and Elder Gonzalez the area president in Uruguay as they were directing the meeting, as well as hear input from everyone else.
            We feel very inspired by what we learned and we are anxious to share both the information and the challenges with the missionaries.  For example, he taught that we need to act and not be objects to be acted upon.  One way that works is that investigators must search for themselves, with the assistance of the missionaries and through the Holy Ghost to gain a testimony.
            We hope that as we teach and implement what we learned this week from Elder and Sister Bednar we can become more effective missionaries and further the Lord’s work here in Chile.

The first picture is of our setup to watch the broadcast with Elder Bednar, four more from interviews this week, and a fond good-bye to this wonderful couple.


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