Sunday, February 14, 2016

Las casas de los misioneros

            This week I would like to talk about the interviews we are doing right now.  I heard about another mission where they interviewed all the missionaries in their houses so we decided to try it.  It has been an interesting (and still going on) process.
            We have about 90 companionships but some houses or apartments have four elders or sisters so we have around 78 houses.  I say houses but it is a combination of houses, duplexes and apartments.  It is turning out to be a challenge to find each house and keep to the schedule—one day we drove around for 1 ½ hours before giving up--but we are really enjoying seeing the missionaries in their home environment.
            Part of our responsibility as mission president and wife is to make sure the houses are in good repair and that they are kept clean.  Fortunately we have a couple who work tirelessly in that capacity, but we wanted to see for ourselves and although we have visited many places, there are still many we haven’t yet seen.  We expect that when we come they will have made the effort to make sure their place is clean; that has happened for the most part.  If it isn’t we help them realize they need to make changes:)  Also if they need things fixed or replaced I make a list to pass on to the couple over that.
            The best part of doing interviews this way is the one on one or small group time I can have with the missionaries while they are waiting to talk with President.  I have enjoyed visiting with them about their families, what they like about Chile, what they would like to do after the mission and other similar topics.  If they are Latin missionaries, then I challenge them to speak with me in English and I find out what or how they are studying to learn.  They often speak better than they give themselves credit for.  They ask me how my Spanish is and I tell them they have to evaluate it.

            We have been to Buin, Curicó, Santa Cruz, Licanten, Pichilemu and Rancagua, to name a few towns and next week we will go to Talca and Constitución. By then we will have done all but a few of the sectors and hopefully we can finish up in the last week of February.   Interviews are always enjoyable yet challenging; this time even more so, but I’m really glad we decided the chance to see every missionary in their home environment.  

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