Sunday, February 21, 2016

Two new senior couples

            We have had the happy privilege each of the last two Saturdays’ of driving to the airport to pick up a new couple coming to serve in our mission.  One of the couples is going to work in the office on finances and many of the other issues that keep the mission running.  Sister C_____ of the second couple will serve as the nurse and her husband will assist her, help with the English program and do many other tasks that help the missionaries.  They will also go out and teach with the missionaries, feed them lunch, love them and support them in their missionary life.
            It is wonderful when we see them come out the door from customs.  We know they are exhausted from the long flight, but they are smiling and ready for their new adventure in a foreign country far from home.  At least in distance, that is.  We are all grateful for the technology that allows us to stay in close communication with our families.  Both weeks we returned to the mission home and ate lunch with the other couples.  None of the four speak Spanish really, but they have chosen to accept the call to serve here in Chile.  I admire and appreciate them so much!
            The missionaries also appreciate and love the senior couples.  They know these couples work hard to support them so they can fulfill their calling of preaching the gospel to the people of Chile.  The senior couples are also a great example of strong marriages from whom the young missionaries learn that it is possible for a couple to stay together, stay strong in the gospel and eventually serve a mission.  They are a great example for their own families, especially grandchildren as they, too, get ready to serve missions.

            I can’t say enough about the impact these couples have both here and at home, but I can express my gratitude and say Welcome to Chile!!

Here are pictures of the new couples and from various interviews.  Don´t we have great missionaries?

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