Sunday, May 1, 2016

Conference in Curicó

            Today we attended a stake conference in Curicó.  After today’s conference we only have two more before we leave; one in Tupahue stake and the other in Talca.  Even though we are close to the end I am still nervous about whether or not I will speak and if I do whether anyone will understand my Spanish.
            On the other hand, it is so great to see all the missionaries assigned to a stake or district when we go to conference.  We are able to greet each one of them, check up on a few who have been sick or had other challenges, and President usually has at least a couple of interviews; this time he did four. 
            President has become very good at understanding what needs to be said in each of the three meetings and giving a talk based on those needs.  I always have a talk prepared for the Sunday morning meeting but usually bear my testimony instead because the time is short.  It means I can keep the talk ready for a long timeJ

            It is also a real privilege to be with the members.  We have gotten to know many wonderful people here in Chile and recognize many others by their smile and warm greeting every time we see them.  During our mission we have learned to admire the Saints here because of their faithfulness, often under difficult circumstances.  We appreciate their friendliness to us and their generous support of the missionaries by feeding them and going out teaching with them.  However, there is still a lot of work to be done and we know good things will continue to happen even when we are gone.

The first pictures are from the cambio and the last one is from last week's concert in Pichilemu.  The fourth person is from Pichilemu--all of them are very talented!

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