Sunday, May 8, 2016

Missionaries Past and Present

            By the end of our mission we will have had about 600 missionaries come here to Rancagua, Chile.  That is am amazing number when I think back about individuals.  The missionaries ask us if we can remember everyone, and unfortunately that answer is no, unless we see a picture.  Some of the early ones who left right after we got here are not as familiar as those we had for their whole time.  We are anxious to stay in touch with as many as possible and President already spends a lot of time corresponding with former missionaries; answering questions and giving encouragement.
            This weekend we enjoyed visiting with two of our returned missionaries; both are married and one couple is expecting, while the other has a 4 month old baby.  A few weeks ago we visited another couple with a new baby.  It is a wonderful privilege to see them, see their progress and know they are on the right path of temple marriage and starting families.  Plus those babies are very cute!

            When we have our final testimony meeting each change we often ask the missionaries to remember us and keep in touch.  Even though it won’t happen with everyone, we are looking forward to many years of wedding invitations and baby announcements and visits from “our” missionaries.  This is a blessing we didn’t know about in the beginning, but now we look forward to watching their progress as part of a unique family—our returned missionaries and us.
             The pictures this week are from consejo, interviews and other meetings--always plenty of those!

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