Monday, May 23, 2016

Weekly Report

            This week we finished interviews for the last time, definitely a bittersweet experience.  Since President won’t be interviewing these missionaries when they go home we decided to increase the time a little in order to have a little more one on one time.  While they are waiting for their interviews I have tried to encourage all the Latin missionaries in their English studies and help them remember what a great opportunity they have to learn it on their mission. 
            Next week we will have our last cambio or transfer.  We have 23 going home and 18 coming this time and in July the difference is even bigger.  The new president and wife will have the opposite challenge as when we came.  They will adjust numbers and close sectors, while we struggled every time with finding housing and sectors for large groups. 
            It has strengthened my testimony to realize that the work goes on even as the workers and situations change.  We are grateful for the members here in Chile who help out by giving lunch to the missionaries, going out to teach lessons with them, giving them references and friendshipping investigators who come to church.  Each of us can help the work of salvation by doing those same things wherever we may be.   There are missionaries in almost every part of the world and we all have the same goal: to invite others to come to Christ and be baptized. 

            I invite you to do something this week to help the missionaries in your area.  They will appreciate it and you will be blessed for it.
             The pictures this week are from interviews in Curicó, outside the church in Nancagua and English class after the district meeting in Lautaro.

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