Sunday, October 19, 2014

Blessings of having senior missionaries

We currently have five wonderful senior couples serving here in our mission.  One couple lives in Buin where they work very hard helping members and nonmembers with family history which has been a wonderful proselyting tool.  They also teach with the missionaries, feed and transport them, or help in any way they are needed.

Another couple help with missionary living conditions.  They find new apartments, help make repairs where needed, deliver all sorts of things from mattresses to ironing boards, and have implemented standards and practices for cleaner apartments.  We have found that missionaries with clean apartments feel better, work harder and feel the Spirit more abundantly.

Our nurse does a wonderful job of training missionaries to be healthier, avoid stress and also with a wide variety of illnesses and injuries.  Her husband helps her, administers the English program for latin missionaries and looks for service opportunities.  We admire our finance elder, who keeps track of the missionaries' funds and other mission expenses-down to the fund to repair bicycles.  His wife keeps the history of the mission, handles baptismal registrations and many other administrative tasks.  The fifth couple is very involved in helping in the branch where they attend.  He serves in the branch presidency, and they often accompany missionaries to teaching appointments.  All the couples help with zone conference meals or other assignments for which we may need them.

Each couple's contribution in our mission and all missions everywhere is invaluable.  Yet when President Warne calls to see about replacing them, the answer is always--"no more available".  The blessings of serving a senior mission cannot be counted, but I would like to list a few:  together time to grow closer as a couple, the knowledge of helping to advance our Savior's kingdom, the example which is set for the family at home, the joy of serving and knowing the young missionaries; I could go on and on.

If you are in the right time of your life to serve or you know someone in that situation, I urge you to consider taking up the challenge to serve a mission or help someone else decide to go. Talk to any returned senior couple so they can personally describe their marvelous experience.  Also, if any of you are ready to help us out in Chile, we have a place for you!  Just let us know and we can coordinate through the missionary department.  Here’s hoping…!
Just a selection of great couples and former assts.

He's a great cook whenever we need him.

Totally unrelated, but so cute I couldn't resist

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