Sunday, October 12, 2014

Serving with joy

Sometimes it is amazing to think about how fast the weeks go by here.  Last week was especially busy because we had three zone conferences and another day of training for the new missionaries who arrived here five weeks ago.  It is amazing to see how much they have changed since their arrival.  Most have learned some Spanish and others are already speaking fluently.  They have learned a great deal about being a missionary and about both the trials and the joys of serving in the field.
The sister I would like to write about today is an experienced missionary; she goes home in one more week.  She has been an amazing influence for good here in Chile and although I don’t know the number of her baptisms or other facts, I know her and love her for her strong testimony, sweet spirit and willingness to work hard for the last 18 months.
For example, during her zone conference this week, she bore her testimony as one of the missionaries going home at the end of this transfer.  Later in the program, as a sister training leader, she gave a presentation about the gift of listening to investigators as they are being taught.  That night we attended a baptismal service in her town.  There are six missionaries in this small pueblo and they keep busy.  She gave a talk about baptism, and also led the music. 
President Warne has assigned her to challenging companions because he knew she would be able to help train them and improve their missionary experience.  As with many others of our returned missionaries, I’m sure she will be called to a leadership position and will continue to be a source of strength in her home ward or wherever she goes.  Yes, missionary work can be difficult but as our missionaries arrive, change, learn, and grow, then leave to strengthen the church wherever they are, I am so grateful to be here and have the chance to know them, love them and hopefully, help them as they serve.  Thanks for reading.
Observing practices during zone conference training
This is two zones.  The sister I talked about is on the front row.
Activity during lunch

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