Sunday, July 6, 2014

A missionary experience

        Sometimes it is difficult to write a blog because I feel I send my message out into the ether without knowing what or if any effect is felt or understanding reached.  So if you are reading this, thank you, and I hope you enjoy it.
        This week we were invited by two of our sister missionaries to teach a lesson with them.  I always appreciate that missionaries give us a little background of the family we are going to visit and also mention some of their challenges.  In this family the wife is inactive, and the husband is investigating.  She would really like him to join the church, but he has studied many religions and doesn’t feel ready to commit to ours.
        The sisters taught a great lesson about families and challenged them to read more in the Book of Mormon.  He still has a lot of questions, but hopefully, he can read and listen to the Spirit to show him the truth.  After a week in which we had several special transfers due to missionaries with problems, this experience was a great reminder of why we are here: to invite people to come to Christ and help them feel the same happiness we have knowing He is our Savior.

        After the lesson, we offered the sisters a ride back to their apartment, but they said, “No, we still have 15 minutes before we have to be in and we want to use the time for contacting.”  Now that is the true spirit of missionary work!  They will be blessed for being diligent as will we all if we follow their example.  Let’s go out and do it!
Slightly blurry, but still, happy missionaries!

Hard-working and happy sisters

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