Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Let's feed the missionaries

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     Today I am going to change gears a little and talk about an aspect of mission life that also applies to almost every church gathering--food.  Missionaries are always interested in food no matter where in the world they are serving.  In our mission we feed them more often than in other missions because of our geography.  When a meeting is scheduled, they often have to get up early and miss breakfast in order to catch the bus and be on time.  Also whenever we have zone conferences, lunch and a snack are included.

     It is challenging to find menus that are nutritious, appetizing, easy to transport and serve, and finally, not too expensive.  I mention easy to transport because when we have zone conferences we take all the food with us and the senior couples set it up and serve while we are in the meeting.  Church kitchens here are very different; they usually have little counter space, no refrigerator, and must be cleaned before we use them.  The sister who does all the cooking prefers to have meetings and meals here at the mission home because it is obviously so much easier.  She and I plan menus together, based on the upcoming schedule.  I really appreciate the fact that she is very willing to try new recipes, even when we will be serving a lot of missionaries.

     We always have fajitas for the final dinner, and the next day, hamburgers for the new missionaries and their trainers.  For the mission leadership we have had lasagna, chicken pot pie, chicken enchiladas, among others.  For zone conferences we grilled chicken at Christmas time and then did a chile/taco salad for the next round. When we have interviews we hand out a homemade cookie.  No matter what is served the missionaries are grateful and always happy to go back for seconds.  I have been grateful for the experiences I had in cooking for large groups at home and our worker here has years of experience in working out correct quantities.

     Thanks for reading and hey, if you know any missionaries, take them some cookies, ok?  They will really appreciate them.

zone conference

coordinadora meeting

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