Sunday, July 20, 2014

It takes practice to be a missionary

          The life of a missionary is often one of change, due to transfers, different companions, new investigators and so on.  However, one constant should be practices.  As with any skill, learning to be a successful missionary requires practice.  In our mission we try hard to have practice time at every meeting, including practice between companions, during weekly district meetings and zone conferences, and even during the monthly mission leadership council.
          You might be thinking that with so many practice opportunities, the missionaries would get tired of applying this principle; and they might sometimes.  Nevertheless, a successful practice may be measured by the inspired questions used, and whether or not the Spirit is felt during practice time.  For example, Friday we held additional training for missionaries who have arrived during the last two transfers and their trainers.  It was a big group, with 80 missionaries.  We split up into smaller groups and each companionship taught one of four principles.  As I listened to my group, the experience was a miracle to me as it is each time, because as I play the role of an investigator listening to the truths of the restored Gospel, I feel the Spirit testifying to me and I am ready to get baptized all over again.  I also feel the sincerity of these amazing missionaries and their love for the Savior.
          Hopefully, as our missionaries practice teaching different concepts, when they have an appointment with an investigator, inactive member, or recent convert, they will be confident and able to rely on the Spirit to teach with love and perceptiveness. Also hopefully, they will learn the value of practicing and choose to use it throughout their life.   Thanks for reading.
braving the cold at training for new missionaries

how many sisters can fit on one couch?

missionaries love getting together

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