Sunday, July 27, 2014

Called to serve

     When President Warne and I were called on a mission, I felt myself to be unprepared.  We had always planned to serve, but at some undefined future date, so when I realized we would be spending three years in Chile, I was somewhat overwhelmed.
     However, it has been a faith building testimony to me since we arrived of the number of ways I had been prepared to serve; about most of which I had no idea.  For example, the calling I held for a couple of years before our mission was Relief Society pianist.  I enjoyed doing it, but did not realize that through learning to accompany a group, learning the hymns, and to follow a chorister would allow me to play often here for Sacrament meetings, mission meetings and even accompany missionaries.  Also, I served several times in Relief Society with responsibilities for the night meetings and many meals for big groups.  Now, here in Rancagua, that experience has been a real blessing since we serve meals to lots of missionaries.  In a different kind of preparation, I have read the Book of Mormon many times, which was a real blessing as I read it in Spanish and could recognize the words of familiar scriptures.  Even being a mother has helped me to love and sometimes admonish our missionaries, and also to love and admire them for the wonderful young people they are.
     Now I would like to close with a challenge.  There never will be a perfect time to leave familiar and comfortable lives to serve a mission.  However, as with every other time we are challenged by a calling or other opportunity to serve, you will be blessed with far more than you give.  Is it time for any of you to think about answering the call to serve a mission?  If now is not the right time, many other opportunities for missionary service may be found in your daily activities.  As I have realized, I know you will also recognize the many ways in which you have been prepared.
A wonderful trip to the temple with sisters going home in August.

an example of the practices I blogged about last week

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