Sunday, July 13, 2014

Traveling the mission

     Sometimes, I feel that our life as mission president and wife is somewhat nomadic. This past week we held a zone conference in Buin on Tuesday, and on Thursday drove to Santa Cruz for another.  That evening we drove to Talca, stayed the night and did a morning and an afternoon conference.
      Yesterday, Saturday, we went to the temple square in Santiago to pick up a missionary returning to the mission field after recuperating from some health challenges.  It was a first for us to be in the family pictures with the missionary.  I admire her for having the dedication and desire to return after several months at home.  Later in the afternoon we drove to Curico for a baptism.
     Every week we put around 600-700 miles on the car which is one of the reasons I have taken up crocheting again.  It helps pass the time and makes me feel I am at least somewhat productive.  The furthest point away from the mission home is Constitucion, a town on the coast.  Pichilemu, our other coastal town is about three hours.  As you know, Chile is a very long, narrow country and we have a relatively small part of it, but the towns and cities are widely separated.  We say that our mission is mostly "campo" or countryside which means beautiful scenery.  Even last night as drove home and watched the full moon rising through the clouds and peeking through now and again, we felt grateful for this part of the Lord's vineyard and the opportunity to serve here.
     Since this is a mission blog, I can't close without mentioning the heart of our mission: the missionaries.  We love meeting with them always, but zone conferences provide great opportunities to teach them, have conversations during the break and during lunch, feel their love for the Savior and their desire to work hard and do their best under, often, difficult circumstances.  It is wonderful also to see them grow and develop in the language, ability to get along with companions, and their testimonies.  The missionaries say I have grown also, so see, missions are good for everyone!
zone conference in Santa Cruz

 lunch after zone conference in Buin

Both Rancagua zones at the mission home

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