Sunday, August 2, 2015

Biggest surprise

            Often missionaries or visitors to the mission ask what we like most about Chile.  Sometimes they ask what was our biggest surprise.  It is true that Chile is a beautiful country and we love being here.  We also love the people we have met and come to know, but my answer is always the same: the biggest surprise for me and my favorite part of serving a mission is the missionaries.
            I admire them for the sacrifice they are making by serving and their testimonies which grow stronger during their mission and give them the strength to survive, enjoy and even love the rigorous mission life.  I also admire them for the service and teaching they offer to investigators, members and other missionaries.  Every Wednesday each zone gathers for the weekly training meeting.  Usually no other “adults” are present, yet there is no messing around or delays.  No one calls them to say it is time to do this or that.   I say “adults” because although young, they are also adults, entrusted by our Savior Jesus Christ with the sacred responsibility to bring the Gospel to the people in whatever place they are called.  Many are asked to learn a new language and all must adjust to being far from home and friends and adjust to life with a companion 24/7.

            I could list many more characteristics, but hopefully you get the idea.  Our job is to help them succeed not only during their mission here in Chile, but also after they return home.  As we work with and for them, we love them from the moment they arrive and after they go home.  If you are a parent of a missionary, thank you for sending them out to do the work of the Lord, and for allowing us the privilege to know and love them as they serve.  We look forward to hearing about marriages, school, jobs, and children long after we return home ourselves.
We sent one assistant home but the other two will
do a great job.
Ok, this is a little bit old, but still we love to see
happy faces, right?

Enjoying a few moments with these great missionaries.
I promise to do better about taking pictures this week.

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