Sunday, August 9, 2015

Here's what we did this week

            Today I thought I would share with you a glimpse of our schedule for the past week.  Not all of them are like this, but when they told us we would be working hard, they meant it!
            Every Monday except the Monday of transfer week, we meet with our mission nurse at 10:00 to discuss the medical events of the past week.  At 10:30 we meet with the four office elders, the couple over finances and history and the couple over apartments.  It is a good chance to keep everyone in the know on the weekly schedule and discuss what needs to be done.
            Last Monday we then went to the central market to buy plastic goods.  I wish you could visit with us sometime—it is an interesting experience! We buy plates and cups, etc. 500 at a time but I think they are getting used to us.   We also went to the store where we buy candy since I keep a bowlful on the living room table and I knew I needed to restock my supply.  President had a couple of interviews—interviews happen every week no matter what else is going on.  We also worked on the flags we are giving out during interviews, since we had to have enough for Tuesday.
            Tuesday President interviewed the Tupahue 1 missionaries.  We tried to get as many interviews done as possible before changes, but only managed about 15 percent.  Tuesday night we had the missionaries who are going home come to the mission home for the self sufficiency training.  We serve a substantial snack since they usually stay in the office elders’ house or the sisters’ house without access to their own food.  Six hermanas stayed here which was fun.
             Wednesday, we left at seven a.m., for the temple in Santiago.  We never know how the traffic will be so President likes to allow plenty of time.  It was a wonderful session as always, and after, we feed the group lunch before they head off to buy gifts (recuerdos) for themselves or family members.  We went from the temple to a doctor’s appointment for one of our sisters and got home around 7:30.  Since this is the last week before transfers, President is also working every day on the changes, plus he finds time to read the weekly letters.
             Thursday we had mission leadership council at the mission home.  We always offer breakfast because some have to leave so early to get to us on time.  They really appreciate it.  It was a great meeting and we always have lots of participation.  It was raining so everyone had to eat inside; it was a little interesting to try and fit over 40 missionaries plus senior couples into the available space.  After the council, President left for a meeting at the stake center and I studied for my weekly Spanish tutoring session which was from 8-9:00.
            Friday we had the news training.  We repeat what we said the first time since they are so nervous about their first day in the mission field.  We  evaluate how the North Americans are doing with Spanish and give them time to ask any questions.  After the meeting, which, of course included lunch, President started the interviews for the missionaries who are going home.  Since there are 20 this time, he had to start earlier than the Monday morning of the final dinner.
            Saturday started with the office elders coming for breakfast which we always do when one of them is being released to go back to regular service.  More missionaries came for final interviews, and then President left to have lunch with a branch president, attend a baptism, do more interviews and go to an area satellite broadcast.  I worked on flags, and I admit it, enjoyed a few hours of pday activity (for me, quiltingJ).

What a wonderful looking group of missionaries!
This was a long post, and I apologize for that, but hope you enjoyed the ride.  Have a great week.
We only had 9 news, but with trainers, us and
assistants it adds up to a big group.

Same room, different group--lunch after mission
leadership council
Same meeting, but the hermanas are
eating in the living room.

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