Sunday, August 30, 2015

Missionaries and faith

            Today I would like write a little about faith, naturally, that means as it applies to missionaries.  I’m assuming that most who read this blog are parents of current missionaries, so you know that it required faith for you to send your son or daughter or perhaps, parents, to Chile to serve the Lord full time.  It also is an act of faith for missionaries to sacrifice this period of their lives and choose to serve the people of Chile, the Lord and their fellow missionaries. 
            However, the exercise of faith does not end with arriving in Chile.  Missionaries need faith and courage every day as they leave their apartments and head out to find and teach.  In their early days, they might not know the language very well, even Latins from other countries, since Chilean is kind of a language all its own.  However, as we tell our missionaries, while the work is hard, with faith and perseverance, the rewards are great.  Sometimes faith is needed when trying to live with a difficult companion, or get used to a new town, apartment, ward or branch after a transfer. 
            Missionaries go out every day, calling greetings through the gates, since that is what knocking doors means here.  They have faith that whoever is home will come out and be receptive to our message, or that the person who accepted an appointment will be home and ready to progress toward baptism.  They work with the members in the wards and branches with faith, that through our service we can make a difference here in Chile whether it is in the short or long-term. 

            Jesus Christ, our Savior, has called us to have faith and do missionary work.  For those of you who are reading this in your home ward or branch, I’d like to challenge you to follow the example of the hardworking, faithful, and wonderful missionaries in the Chile, Rancagua Mission and find someone where you live to teach and baptize.  You, too, will learn about faith and the miracle of sharing the gospel.

These two were kind enough to work on the dishes for me after
consejo, which I really, really appreciated.  And it was service
with  beautiful smiles!

First we meet, then we eat--all serious business of course.  You
can see the bulletin board which we try to keep full with pictures
of missionaries.  They love finding themselves and looking for

All the sisters got to eat upstairs since it was too cold to go outside.
I think they enjoyed their private party!

The usual group picture after consejo, I know, but I just can´t resist
posting this great group.  Maybe sometime we should put the elders
in front.

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