Sunday, August 23, 2015

Serving as Seniors

            Today I’m going to write about senior missionaries.  You might recognize this subject as one I’ve covered before, but since it is of intense interest to us I would like to present it once more. 
            We are so grateful for our senior couples and for the difference they make in our mission and in every other mission throughout the world.  We never take them for granted and I want to express appreciation for their hard work.
            Our number of couples has dropped steadily as they finish their time here, go home and are not replaced.  We currently have three couples serving in the following areas: 1) apartments and upkeep, 2) nurse and English program, and 3) finances and historian.  We are hearing that few couples are willing to come to Latin America even though one or both speak Spanish.  We were discussing this the other night at a group dinner and all agreed how much we like being in Chile.  Here we can drink the water, the climate is relatively mild, the government is stable and we have access to excellent health care.  There is even a brain surgeon here in Rancagua!
            Other advantages that come from serving a mission as a senior couple include the blessing of spending time together as a couple.  President always tells the missionaries his favorite part of the mission is being with me and his second favorite is being with them.  All of us serve as examples of marriage and family to all the missionaries, especially those who may come from broken homes, which, unfortunately is more than 50 percent.  Serving with the missionaries is a wonderful opportunity to know and love them and help them succeed.  Also, many blessings come to families at home from missionary service by senior couples.  We have loved meeting the people here, learning to love them and also their country, Chile.

            I don’t want to sound repetitive, since I know I have said this before, but if you are thinking of serving or know someone who might be interested, don’t lose out on this amazing opportunity.  And if you know someone who would like to come to Chile, we would love to accommodate them! 

zone leaders paying close attention during consejo
We love to see happy missionaries!

Our newest couple introducing themselves.  They take care of
our apartments for changes and repairs.

Our nurse presenting information about stress and getting
enough rest.

Our finance elder helping new missionaries understand
how their money works.

The couple on the right has returned home but the rest of
us are still going strong!

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