Sunday, August 16, 2015

Mission home tour

            I had such a good idea for the post today.  Unfortunately, I also thought it was a good idea when I used it several months ago.  I hope you’ll find my next idea interesting—it was suggested by President Warne—we make a good team!  You have often seen pictures of the mission home from various posts and many meetings, so today I’m going to describe in a little more detail what our home is like and what we use it for.
            The dining room is probably used more often for missionary meetings than any other room in the house.  When the church purchased the house 12 years ago, they added a large area and more windows to that room.  We have mission leadership council there every month, as well as any other meeting where we will all fit.  We always serve the final dinner to those going home there and have enjoyed many other meals such as the office elders, the senior couples, and other times when we are having missionaries here for a meal.
            The living room is well used as well since it is a gathering place where they can wait for a meeting to start, or wait for a companion who is having an interview with President.  Depending on the size of the group going home, we have our final testimony meeting either in there or the dining room.  
            Of course the kitchen is well-used since we serve food at every meeting, and A_____ also cooks for meals we serve in other places and we transport everything in the back of our car.  We have two bathrooms downstairs—the hermanas use one and the elders the other one.  President and I both have an office, his contains the board where we keep the pictures of all the missionaries divided into zones.  We meet with the assistants there and he has done countless interviews. 
            There is one bedroom downstairs which we call the visitor’s bedroom.  Obviously anyone who visits us sleeps there.  We have three bedrooms upstairs, including ours, a small one with a bunk bed and our luggage (every missionary apartment or house has luggage stored somewhere), and a larger one with two twin beds that also doubles as my sewing room.  When missionaries come here to sleep they use these bedrooms; there is a bathroom off the small sitting area upstairs.
            While we have many church pictures on the walls, we also have many pictures of our family and we have tried to make the house a home where missionaries can come not only to meet but also to feel the spirit of a family home, to feel loved or if nothing else to get warm in the winter and cool in the summer.  Though we live here, we do not think of it solely as our home but a place of refuge and welcome for all the missionaries.  Hopefully we have achieved that goal to a certain degree.  Here are a few pictures of what I've been describing:

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It is obviously night time so sorry about that, but this is our happy mission home!

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